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The Adventure


A Week in Italy gives you an insider’s experience of the best Italy has to offer for a true all-star Italian experience. Everything is provided and everyday is packed with the right amount of relaxation, exercise, authentic local gourmand food and drink, and cultural events; in one of the most gorgeous areas and best-kept secrets of Italy.


Begin your days with cappuccino, fresh-squeezed local fruit/veggie juices and brioche (Italian croissants and pastries), stretching, yoga and pilate mornings with a personal trainer before biking in the hillsides from castle to castle, a late morning group jog, or visiting a local artesian market.


Lunch might begin with a delicacy tasting and tour of a local cheese producer or organic farms; or consist of table reservations in a castle ‘trattoria’ restaurant on the hillsides overlooking the rivers and valleys. Bring your appetite.


Afternoons begin with a brisk walk and strengthening exercises with a trainer before a guided tour visiting a 16th century Castle or museum of original Renaissance art or a trip to the boutiques for shopping; and end with a swim in the pool or trip to the spa and thermal baths, a sample of fresh-made gelato (Italian ice-cream), a wine tasting and visit of a local vineyard, or maybe an ‘aperitivo’ happy hour at a local watering hole.


Evenings begin after a stop into the hotel for a break and to stretch or meditate, nap and refresh and prepare for the evening out. Some evenings consist of a long traditional dinner at some of the best local eateries or even Michelin starred restaurants which offer a customary 2, 3 or 4 course dinner, plus espresso and digestive liquors. Some evenings will include a concert, theatre event, dancing or street festival. Always an adventure.



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